Mental Health Moments

Mental Health Moments

Licensed Professional Counsellor Debra Fileta offers sound advice in the area of mental well-being. Other health care professionals offering sound advise as well are: Chuck Borsellino, Andrew Blackwood, Shirley Thiessen and Tara Lalonde.

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Mental Health Moments
  • Rachel Baribeau - "Battle Plan" | Mental Health Moments

    Everyone needs people in their life that they can count on if they have nothing or just won the lottery. I call them ride or dies! They are there for you in good times and bad. Could you, would you identify your three people today and TELL THEM? Tell them, "hey, I'm going to call you if I'm ever ...

  • Rachel Baribeau - "Reach In" | Mental Health Moments

    Mental health is a hot topic these days, especially since the pandemic. And we cannot escape the message that we need to reach out for help but having gone through clinical depression myself, oftentimes it is HARDD to reach out, what if instead we taught people to reach in, to ask "are you ok, tr...

  • Rachel Baribeau - "Eco System" | Mental Health Moments

    Your mind/body/spirit is an eco-system. Feeling funky? let's assess who and what you have allowed into your ears/eyes, soul, mind, and heart. Junk in and junk out. Maybe you need to turn off the news, maybe you need to disengage from people who are dreamkillers, maybe the shows and music you watc...

  • Rachel Baribeau - "Soul Care" | Mental Health Moments

    When is the last time you thought about self-care? There are no right or wrong answers, only opportunities for growth. I want to introduce you to a deeper concept called soul care, the adventure and life-long discovery of what fuels your soul!

  • DR. ANDREW BLACKWOOD - "All or Nothing Thinking" | Mental Health Moment

    Ever find yourself feeling down, terribly lonely, thinking that no one really cares. It’s hard to shake those feelings when you’re literally alone.

    I can’t argue with how you feel, and I don’t suggest you argue with your emotions either, because it’s actually the thoughts that are contributing ...

  • DR. ANDREW BLACKWOOD - "Negative What Ifs" | Mental Health Moment

    It’s the time of year when the temperature changes and sinus challenges flair up. My daughter was having a difficult time with breathing clearly and was worried that she wouldn’t be able to breathe, at all. “What if I can’t breathe through my mouth anymore, what if I stop breathing in my sleep,...

  • DR. ANDREW BLACKWOOD - "Future Telling" | Mental Health Moment

    I am going to fail, I’m gonna fail… my sister would be so worried after an exam or submitting an assignment, only to ecstatically find, “Oh my God, I got an A!”

    This happened for years!!!! Regardless of how many times things worked out, she worried that they wouldn’t.

    Do you ever feel certain ...

  • DR. ANDREW BLACKWOOD - "Mind Reading" | Mental Health Moment

    Daddy, I didn’t tell you because you’re going to be so mad.

    Just the other day, I came home to my daughter, who was a ball of tears. Daddy, I am so sorry. I used the sharp knife when you told me not to and I cut myself. I’m sorry I am going back to my room now.”

    It turns out that even though...

  • DR. ANDREW BLACKWOOD - "I Feel Like..." | Mental Health Moment

    The words we use our powerful. In over 17 years of helping people heal, one of my least favorite phrases in the world is “I feel like…”. I feel like nothing ever works out for me, is an example of how to ensure you feel anxious.

    The phrase is so deceptive, because it uses the word feel then go...

  • DR. ANDREW BLACKWOOD - "Esteem" | Mental Health Moment

    I hate myself, no one will ever love me... I’m not good enough...

    When things go wrong do you find yourself saying things like, I am so stupid. I’m such an idiot. Why do you always do this kind of thing…. If so, you’re not alone. Somewhere along the way, we learned that it’s ok to speak to o...

  • DR. ANDREW BLACKWOOD - "Breathing" | Mental Health Moment

    If your heart is racing with anxiety, fear and panic, I’m going to share what is standing between you and peace.

    I do a great deal of work with parents and their children who are dealing with anxiety, and there is a profound secret to experiencing the peace of God that is just as true for adults...

  • DR. ANDREW BLACKWOOD - "Managing Moods" | Mental Health Moment

    Feeling down, sad, hopeless, it’s not fun, is it?

    Over the years, I’ve learned and relied on several strategies to impact change in my mood and I want to support you to do the same.

    If I had the time, I’d share them all with you, but I’ll tell you one of my favourites. It’s called tolerance. ...

  • DR. ANDREW BLACKWOOD - "Exercise" | Mental Health Moment

    If you’ve ever started your day feeling down, and quickly stressed out with all of the things on your to-do list, I’m going to share one of the most fast acting strategies to turn that moment around.

    Without fail, getting outside for a walk changes my outlook. I’ve been blessed by feeling a war...

  • DR. ANDREW BLACKWOOD - "Journaling" | Mental Health Moment

    This morning I woke up saying to myself, is it time to get up already? Do you ever wake up not wanting to face the day?

    Well, today, I’m going to share what you can do about it.

    When life feels unbearable, I turn to the Lord through journalling. Unlike simply writing down events, journallin...

  • DR. ANDREW BLACKWOOD - "Purpose" | Mental Health Moment

    Ever wonder why you’re here, what God created you to do? It’s important to consider our purpose in life, but what if our primary purpose was not to do anything, but actually to be, to be in relationship with Him.

    Over the years, I’ve met many successful people, who struggle to see their value, ...

  • Dr. Pratap Chokka "Loneliness" | Mental Health Moment

    Psychiatrist Dr. Pratap Chokka speaks about loneliness – how it affects us, the demographics in which it is most prevalent and how to cope.

  • Dr. Pratap Chokka "Anxiety Disorders" | Mental Health Moment

    In this mental health moment, Psychiatrist Dr. Pratap Chokka sheds light on anxiety disorders and the differences between everyday anxiety and clinical disorders.

  • Dr. Pratap Chokka "Depression" | Mental Health Moment

    Psychiatrist Dr. Pratap Chokka explains the signs and symptoms of clinical depression.

  • Dr. Pratap Chokka "Borderline Personality Disorder" | Mental Health Moment

    Psychiatrist Dr. Pratap Chokka joins us to bring forth an understanding of the signs and symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder.

  • Dr. Pratap Chokka "Adult ADHD" | Mental Health Moment

  • Chuck Borsellino "The Illusion of CONTROL" | Mental Health Moment

    Sometimes we want to regain control of our lives, but we have to remember to control the things we can.

  • Chuck Borsellino "Depression" | Mental Health Moment

    Chuck talks about what we can do about depression, when we feel helpless and hopeless.

  • Chuck Borsellino "REGRET" | Mental Health Moment

    We've all wondered "what if?" Chuck encourages us to live forward not backward!

  • Chuck Borsellino "ENOUGH IS NOT ENOUGH" | Mental Health Moment