Healthcare Heroes

Healthcare Heroes

Healthcare workers are suffering from their own epidemic of burnout and moral injury as a result of dwindling resources and being overworked.
Healthcare Heroes features 12 individual health care heroes and their stories since the beginning of this global pandemic.

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Healthcare Heroes
  • Health Care Heroes | Andrew Blackwood

    Coach Drew has noticed unrecognized grief and loss especially in teens that he coaches. He shares the

    3 pillars of therapeutic process – awareness, tolerance, and intentionality.

  • Health Care Heroes | Sharon Martell

    Sharon Martell is a clinical social worker who works as a mental health therapist. She has a real

    passion in working with indigenous communities because she sees a real need. Since the pandemic

    started she’s noticed an increase in anxiety and depression. She’s seen an increase in suicides (5) i...

  • Health Care Heroes | Dr. Jean Chamberlin Froese

    Dr. Jean talks about how difficult its been to predict outcomes and treating pregnant patients that are

    ill with Covid-19. She’s had to deal with own fear along with the fears of ill patients who are very

    anxious about the unknown. Pray for calmness and peace of everyone during this challenging...

  • Health Care Heroes | Nicola Topsom

  • Health Care Heroes | Dr. Ben Chan

    Dr. Ben Chan shares his experiences as a part time ER doctor in rural hospitals noting the negative

    secondary effects of the pandemic – like cancellations for surgeries and diagnostic procedures; Seeing

    patients walk in with large undiagnosed tumors; and people having mental health crisis becau...

  • Health Care Heroes | Matthew Mussleman

    Matthew shares story -treating severely ill patient (from Covid-19) in his 50’s. Also has noticed more

    drug use and division among people that sometimes health care professionals get the brunt of it. His

    anxiety isn’t the same now that he’s gone through the uncertainty at the beginning of the p...

  • Health Care Heroes | Joanne Pardy

    Joanne is an Intensive Care Unit RN in St. John’s, Newfoundland. She retired after 32 years as a nurse

    when her second grandchild was born. She returned to nursing when the call went out for anybody

    with experience to help out during the Feb. 2021 outbreak in Newfoundland.

    The most heart break...

  • Health Care Heroes | Courtenay Erhardt

    Shares how exhausting the pandemic workload has been on her and her health care colleagues. Talks

    about the toll on families isolated from sick loved ones. Would appreciate prayer to have a renewed

    sense of energy and joy in this hard place.

  • Health Care Heroes | Carrie Haggett

    Carrie is an RN and diabetes educator working in a diabetes clinic in Halifax, NS. Since her clinic went

    mostly online, her patients are feeling isolated, frustrated, anxious and overwhelmed. This has caused

    problems with their blood sugar levels.

    Going through this pandemic, Carrie has learne...

  • Health Care Heroes | Dr. Tennille Paulsen

    Dr. Tennille recalls story of caring for her first Covid-19 patient and the verse – Psalm 16:8 coming to

    mind. She knows God is ever present and will never abandon her, and she will never abandon the

    calling He placed on her life. She’s noticed her patients are having a hard time coping with th...

  • Health Care Heroes | Carolyn Della Foresta

    Carolyn witnessed the horrifying effects of Covid-19 as her long-term care home suffered the first

    outbreak in eastern Ontario back in 2020, losing 29 residents. She also witnessed heart breaking

    isolation for her seniors due to visitor restrictions and lockdowns.

    She loves her work and wouldn...

  • Health Care Heroes | Amy-Lynn Howson

    Amy Lynn shares about how the pandemic has caused a lot of fer and isolation for patients

    compromised in their health. She’s learned that she needs to be herself using the gifts God has given

    her – which includes singing. She would love prayer as she navigates what the future looks like in