Today's Teens Conference 2022

Today's Teens Conference 2022

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Today's Teens Conference 2022
  • Today's Teens Conference 2022 - Impossible made Possible

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    Today’s Teens Conference is one of the longest running one-day Youth Ministry training conferences in Canada. This year we will again offer an INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL experience designed to inspire, equip, and mobilize youth workers (volunteers, youth pastors, community wor...

  • SANCTUS WORSHIP | Today's Teens Conference 2022


  • A conversation with SHAILA VISSER | Today's Teens Conference 2022

  • TTC2022 Handout - Lisa Pak

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  • TTC2022 - Breakout | Chris Chase

    As people become more vocal about their thoughts and opinions of others, how can we as youth workers examine our own biases in order to help build people who see others as Jesus does? This session will examine how prejudice can seep its way into our own lives and from there into the ministries we...

  • TTC2022 - Breakout | Joanna la Fleur

    This breakout is about strategy for reaching and growing followers of Jesus in the Digital Age. We all spend hours of our day staring at screens- so how do we meaningfully connect with people in these spaces? What platforms should we focus on and what connects with Gen Z and Gen Alpha? How do we ...

  • TTC2022 - Breakout | Brett Ullman

    Life is good …until it's not. Dark clouds come in all shapes and sizes and leave us asking where do we turn? Some of us struggle with mental health: anxiety, depression etc. Some of our struggles come from coping with tough situations in life by Self Injuring: eating disorders, suicide, self harm...

  • TTC2022 - Breakout | Tanner Kennedy

    The first year of post-secondary is an incredible adventure. Like most adventures, there are certainly lots of questions, uncertainties, and reasonable feelings of nervousness associated with it! Come to this session with all of your questions and let’s work on encouraging you with some practical...

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  • TTC2022 - Breakout | Shawn Naylor

    We have been presented a unique moment in history - a mass moment to reflect. I believe this is good. Many students and adults are asking tough questions and are in search of solid answers. Let's discover together how we can foster confidence in solid answers to tough questions.


  • TTC2022 Handout - Shawn Naylor

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  • TTC2022 Breakout - Roger Reid

    One of the greatest joys in youth ministry is seeing a student grow deeper in their faith and watching them share/live that faith out loud. But how do we effectively mentor a student to become strong and confident in their faith? How do we successfully mentor a student who is hurting and/or broke...

  • TTC2022 Handout - Roger Reid

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  • TTC2022 Breakout - Paul Robertson

    Every social media platform and online video game our students can access are not the real problem. However, the persuasive technology that drives all of them is and our kids have no idea how and why it happens. This workshop is designed to take you into the world just beyond the screen of your p...

  • TTC2022 handout - Paul Robertson

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  • TTC2022 - Breakout | Aubrey Norohna

    A word of relief and encouragement with strategies to tackle stress and anxiety during and after a pandemic. Practical take-aways on how to create stronger bonds with family, friends and communities.

    Aubrey Noronha (like Corona) from is a recognized Safe Schools, Ment...

  • TTC2022 - Breakout | Dave Overholt

    The world of young people we are trying to reach seem farther and farther away. How can we hope to reach them? It is possible. Many are saying yes to Jesus and we will explore how God is doing this through his people now.

    Dave is a pastor, international speaker, author, prof and al...

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  • TTC2022 - Breakout | Tim Day

    In this workshop we will look at the Biblical teaching about how to turn differing beliefs into the basis for friendship.

    Tim serves as a Director at both WayBase and City Movement Canada. He is the author of God Enters Stage Left. He is married to Liz and has three adult children, Natha...

  • TTC2022 Handout - Tim Day

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  • TTC2022 - Breakout | Geninne Bridge

    The conversation around racism and reconciliation is difficult for anyone. Often emotions, opinions, and perspectives are held with deep convictions. However, as leaders, we must engage in these conversations with compassion, patience, and humility. In this workshop, we are going to look at who w...

  • TTC2022 Breakout - Mark DeVries

    "In the world of youth ministry, there are a handful of constant factors that thrive over the long haul. This seminar introduces participants to those factors and offers a strategic design for instilling these foundational patterns into the fabric of any ministry, regardless of its model. This wo...

  • TTC2022 Handout - Mark DeVries

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