Conversations with Colleen

Conversations with Colleen

Lara Watson is joined by Registered Psychotherapist and Speaker, Colleen Blake-Miller, to discuss how we can best navigate some of the everyday struggles posed by mental health challenges.

Conversations with Colleen
  • Holistic Approaches to Good Mental Health

    Colleen, I have had a life-long battle with anxiety, and God has really helped me throughout it, plus I know that by doing specific practical things I can find more relief and resilience. What are some of the ways we can work through mental health challenges holistically?

  • Strategies for Winning Battles in Our Mind

    Colleen, we are all susceptible to intrusive or upsetting thoughts in a day. We might
    be worried that we are not loved or know, or the world is going to end in some terrible way,
    or our children might not be ok...How do we deal with the battles going on in our mind?

  • Paying Attention to The Red Flags When it Comes to Our Mental Health

    Colleen, I know there have been times in my life when I say, that’s it I need to get mental health support for myself or a loved one and then I start taking action, and reach out to a Christian counsellor, but not everyone knows when to take action. What are the red flags we should pay attention ...

  • Mental Health First Aid Kit for Ourselves

    Colleen, sometimes when the winter months drag on, and I am dealing with dark days, and cold weather, I can struggle with seasonal affective disorder which is like a seasonal depression. What are some of the things people can do to foster high levels of mental health and wellness in our lives no ...

  • Mental Health First Aid Kit for Our Loved Ones

    Colleen, we have so many people who call into our Crossroads prayer lines looking for support for loved ones struggling with their mental health. I was volunteering on them a few weeks ago and received call after call for people needing help with the impact of mental health on their families. Wha...