Bible Studies

Bible Studies

Introducing a faith-filled collection of Bible studies brought to you by Crossroads. Dive into the richness of Scripture with insightful teachings from experienced faith leaders. Each series explores key themes, passages, and stories from the Bible, offering valuable insights and practical applications to strengthen your spiritual journey.
Accompanied by a free PDF guide with each study, this Bible Study collection provides a comprehensive resource for personal or group study. Whether you’re a seasoned believer or new to the faith, Crossroads’ Bible Study series is designed to help you deepen your understanding of God’s Word and grow in your relationship with Him. Start your journey today!

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Bible Studies
  • Book of Philippians

    4 items

    Join Host Melinda Estabrooks and Bible Teachers Elita Friesen and Krista Penner from Whistler, BC, for an inspiring 4-part conversation about the Book of Philippians. Dive deep into its powerful messages of joy, strength, and perseverance, and discover how these timeless truths can empower and up...

  • Unknown Women of the Bible

    5 items

    This study delves into the lives of 10 extraordinary, yet often overlooked, women from the Old Testament. Although they are rarely mentioned and you may not have heard of them, each woman made a significant impact on the Kingdom of God, forever altering history.

    These women were freedom fighters...

  • The Power of Praying The Lord's Prayer

    5 items

    “The Power of Praying the Lord's Prayer” is a compelling Bible study series that guides believers through an intimate exploration of prayer as the heart of worship and dependence on God.

    Through five thoughtfully crafted sessions, participants will:

    Discover the deep longing of God for a ‘house...

  • Encountering God

    0 items

    Embark on a transformative spiritual series that delves into the depths of faith through the practices of prayer, fasting, and the poignant expression of lament. This practical series includes a selection of instructive videos from 100 Huntley Street, along with comprehensive worksheets, and feat...