The Power of Praying The Lord's Prayer

The Power of Praying The Lord's Prayer

“The Power of Praying the Lord's Prayer” is a compelling Bible study series that guides believers through an intimate exploration of prayer as the heart of worship and dependence on God.

Through five thoughtfully crafted sessions, participants will:

Discover the deep longing of God for a ‘house of prayer’ and what this means for personal and communal connection with Him.
Learn to begin prayers with worship, seeking God’s presence above all else, cultivating a posture of reverence and adoration.
Understand the significance of praying for God’s Kingdom, aligning our hearts with His will, and actively participating in His work on earth.
Reflect on our daily dependence on God for sustenance and forgiveness, recognizing the grace that feeds our bodies and souls.
Delve into the necessity of divine protection, acknowledging our vulnerability to sin and the reality of spiritual warfare.

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The Power of Praying The Lord's Prayer
  • THE POWER OF PRAYER - 1:Living a Life Dependent on God

    God’s desire for a “house of prayer” is deeply rooted in His wish for a personal and communal relationship with His people. Discover the reasons why prayer is significant to God.

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  • THE POWER OF PRAYER - 2:Seeking His Face Before Seeking His Hand

    In this episode, deepen your understanding and practice of worship in prayer. Learn how to seek God’s presence (“His face”) before we seek His provision (“His hand”). Explore the profound meaning of worship as we begin our prayers, focusing on the adoration of God’s character before presenting ou...

  • THE POWER OF PRAYER - 3:Prayer for the Kingdom

    The significance of praying for God’s Kingdom to come is taught by Jesus in the Lord’s Prayer. In this episode, learn how our connection to Christ is maintained and deepened through prayer, and how prayer can align ourselves with His will and work in the world.

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  • THE POWER OF PRAYER - 4:Declaring Our Dependence

    A part of the Lord’s Prayer that teaches us about our dependence on God for our daily needs and forgiveness. Through prayer, explore God's grace that can sustain us physically and spiritually, reminding us of our need for Jesus Christ’s redemptive work and the imperative of forgiving others as we...

  • THE POWER OF PRAYER - 5:Seeking Divine Protection

    This episode delves into the petition for protection in the Lord’s Prayer, exploring our vulnerability to sin and the spiritual warfare we face daily. Learn how you can seek God’s mighty hand to deliver us from evil and to stand firm against the schemes of the adversary through prayer.