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100 Huntley Street - October 12, 2021

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100 Huntley Street

100 Huntley Street - October 13, 2021


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  • 100 Huntley Street - October 12, 2021

    Patrick Fraher’s personal faith journey began when he started researching the human ego, and how it pertained to officiating. He learned that ego not only pertained to officiating, but to real life, and ultimately to a person’s faith as well. Patrick learned some key, valuable lessons as he carri...

  • 100 Huntley Street - October 11, 2021...

    Alisha Mullett
    Alisha, a child heart transplant survivor who also lives with painful eczema and psoriasis which developed as a result of related treatments, grew up in a family that regularly attended church and always knew about God. At age five, she heard a song about how Jesus died on the cros...

  • 100 Huntley Street - October 8, 2021

    Ellie Holcomb
    There’s a story etched into the walls of the Grand Canyon. It’s a story of one disaster after another. Layer upon layer of landslides, mudslides, volcanos, droughts and floods. Yet, at the bottom of that valley, the Colorado River snakes its way through the dry and dusty rocks flowi...