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100 Huntley Street

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100 Huntley Street is Canada's longest running daily television show and the sixth longest running daily television show in the world. Authentic and interactive, 100 Huntley Street brings you the amazing stories of people – whether they be world, leaders, celebrities, sports figures, or everyday people – who have had life-changing encounters with God.

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100 Huntley Street
  • February 3, 2023 - Pacific Theatre | Meisha Watson

    Episode 1

    Pacific Theatre aspires to delight, provoke, and stimulate dialogue by producing theatre that rigorously explores the spiritual aspects of human experience. In over 35 seasons, Pacific Theatre has produced more than 150 professional mainstage productions ranging from established works to original...

  • February 1, 2023 - James Tughan

    Episode 2

    James Tughan is a celebrated Canadian Watercolorist whose most recent series, entitled “The Nine Faces of Christ” is on display at the RZIM Gallery in downtown Toronto. He shares about the inspiration behind his artwork and the trauma from the tragic loss of his son.

  • January 31, 2023 - Dr. Karen Wang | Grace Van Ankum | Aaron White | Celesta S.

    Episode 3

    Dr. Karen Wang
    Dr. Wang serves as an Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatrist at Sunnybrook. Dr. Wang is also as a Psychiatry Consultant with Tyndale Counselling Services at Tyndale University College & Seminar. http://tyndale.ca/wellness/practitioners/karen-wang

    Grace Van Ankum, has been supporting in...

  • January 30, 2023 - Chad Martz | Annette Walker

    Episode 4

    Chad Martz
    Chad recently connected with our 100 Huntley Street co-Host, Cheryl Weber, to bring an update on the ongoing work in Ukraine. Prayer is vital, ongoing help is still needed. Chad has the privilege or overseeing seven different departments at Hungry for Life (“HFL”). He has been on 61 HF...

  • January 25, 2023 - Andrew Blackwood, Daniel Whitehead, Shaila Visser, Markku K

    Episode 5

    Andrew Blackwood
    For more than 17 years, mental health professional, Dr. Andrew L. Blackwood, affectionately known as “Coach Drew”, has been connecting deeply with individuals, parents and teens to support their growth and healing through speaking, coaching and workshops on his book The Art of a ...

  • January 24, 2023 - Daniel Whitehead | Shaila Visser

    Episode 6

    Daniel Whitehead
    Daniel is a Regent College graduate and ordained minister with over ten years of full-time vocational church ministry experience in the UK. He has traveled extensively overseas working on various humanitarian projects and is a certified mediator with London School of Mediation. D...

  • January 23, 2023 - Aiden & Angel Jurgeneit | Meisha Watson

    Episode 7

    Aiden & Angel Jurgeneit
    A captivating story of young love, Aiden and Angel Jurgeneit share how they grew up in two different worlds. 20 year old Aiden, was raised on the mission field with his parents; while Angel was born to a 16-year-old single mother in British Columbia. Angel often found hers...

  • January 20, 2023 - Mark Masri | The Tenors

    Episode 8

    Mark Masri
    Ministry-music, Recording Artist http://markmasri.com

    The Tenors is an international vocal group made up of four incredible musicians: Victor Micallef, Clifton Murray, Alberto Urso and Mark Masri. They perform operatic pop music which is a mixture of classical and pop, with original s...

  • January 19, 2023 - Sokreaksa Himm

    Episode 9

    Sokreaksa S. Himm was a member of a large family in Siem Reap City, Cambodia when the country fell to the Khmer Rouge on April 17, 1975. Forced to join the exodus to the jungle villages, the whole family was marched to a grave and killed, one by one. Young Reaksa, gravely wounded, was covered by ...

  • January 18, 2023 - Remembering the Honorable David C Onley

    Episode 10

    Michael Onley joins us to share his personal reflections about the life and legacy of his father.

    Kevin Shepherd serves as Chief Executive Officer for Crossroads and YES TV. http://crossroads.ca

  • January 17, 2023 - Akeem Haynes | Vanessa Bravo Basaez

    Episode 11

  • January 16, 2023 - Markku Kostamo

    Episode 12

    Markku Kostamo
    Markku has served as an executive in the non-profit sector for over twenty years and is passionate about seeing organizations grow and develop in executing their mission and impact. To enable this, Markku takes an entrepreneurial and relational approach to revenue generation and pa...

  • January 13, 2023 - Lara SIlva

    Episode 13

    Lara Silva was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil and moved to the United States at the age of 6. She grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and attended an elementary school for performing arts. It was there that she found her love for entertaining. After college, she decided it was time to finally pursu...

  • January 12, 2023 - Ed Dickson | Tommy Bird

    Episode 14

    Ed Dickson and his family have been living in Ukraine since 1996. Serving orphan children, seniors, refugees and local churches. Loads of Love has over 40 full-time workers in Ukraine, who have committed to be the light that God has called them to be through this crisis. Ed was born in Canada, ra...

  • January 11, 2023 - Carson Pue (Mental Health)

    Episode 15

    Carson Pue
    Bob Kuhn, David Bentall and Carson Pue share with us their close and committed friendship of forty-five-years. As young leaders, they all realized they needed trusted accountability and decided to make a covenant agreement to be friends, and to spend time regularly to talk to each othe...

  • January 9, 2023 - Newton Vanriel

    Episode 16

    Newton Vanriel
    A family man, Newton Vanriel has a passion for education and people. Married for over thirty years to the love of his life, Vivienne, Newton has two grown children, Jordan and Alexandra. The Adventures of the Soul Sistas is Newton’s first children’s book. The Adventures of the Soul...

  • January 6, 2023 - Paul Lafrance | Andrew Blackwood | Brody Haight | Jason Wilson

    Episode 17

    Paul Lafrance
    Men's Panel Contributor - Topic: Guilt and Shame. Paul Lafrance, most commonly known as the “Deck Guy” both in the Reality TV macrocosm as well as in the average North American home, is also a musician and songwriter, the founder and head designer of the international design company...

  • January 5, 2023 - Portage Art Group | Josh Tiessen

    Episode 18

    Thursday, January 5th, 2023

    Portage Art Group
    Portage is a group of Christian professional artists and art educators from different parts of Ontario. They are focused on the therapeutic side of artmaking, seen from a Christian perspective, working specifically on artistic languages in visual art...

  • January 4, 2023 - Chuck Borsellino | Aymie Franks

    Episode 19

    Chuck Borsellino
    Throughout his professional career, Chuck Borsellino has served as a psychologist, college professor, seminar speaker, television host, author, and clinic director – all to impact the lives of many. His passion is people…helping, motivating, and counseling people as they journey ...

  • January 3, 2023 - Dr. Pratap Chokka | Dr. David Jeremiah

    Episode 20

    Dr. Pratap Chokka

    Dr. David Jeremiah
    In our culture today, it is common for people to forget the true meaning of Christmas—and its significance. The occasion has become less spiritual and more materialistic over the years, and many might not even fully know the original story of Christmas. But t...

  • January 2, 2023 - Kathie Lee Gifford | Rabbi Jason Sobel | Chuck Borsellino

    Episode 21

    Kathie Lee Gifford
    From the authors of the New York Times best seller The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi, Kathie Lee Gifford and Rabbi Jason Sobel bring you an exciting new life-changing message that will help you read the Bible with new eyes and take you into the heart of God's people in Scriptur...