Young Once

Young Once

2 Seasons

Young Once is a docuseries following a diverse group of recent graduates from Christian college who are now navigating dating, marriage, debts, and career decisions against the backdrop of life in Southern California. When things don't go according to their college plan, they try and figure out what role God has in the intricate details of their lives. It’s a coming-of-age series for anyone who has ever felt the thrill, pressure and expectation of only living Young Once.

Season 1 documents the cast as they attend a Christian university in Southern California and was released in 2016. Season 2 was filmed in August 2018 and is a follow up with the cast, with episodes releasing weekly on Castle.

Young Once
  • Young Once - Season 2 - Episode 1 - Why Would I Be Happy?

    They’re young, Christian and questioning their next move in life and love. Michelle confronts Cassie about her sister's unresolved feelings for her ex-boyfriend Caelan. Tony looks for advice from Robert about his crushing student debt that is holding him back from a proposal. And when Caelan and ...

  • Young Once - Season 2 - Episode 2 - Good Intentions

    Caelan and Cassie’s conversation ends with an abrupt exit. Later Caelan looks to his best friend Andre for some clarity about his feelings. Cassie’s family has as hard time ending their communication with Caelan. Meanwhile, Tony, with the help of his friends (and some goats) tries selling t-shi...

  • Young Once - Season 2 - Episode 3 - Why Can’t We Be Friends?

    Cassie and Caelan wonder if their romantic past prevents them from just being friends. Robert uses his unique movie-making style to help with a special project. Will Cassie listen to her sister’s advice about moving on from Caelan?

  • Young Once - Season 2 - Episode 4 - I Just Wish I Knew

    During a cabin getaway, Cassie and Kendall open up about their unspoken tension and feelings for Caelan. After Tony gushes about his girlfriend, he asks Cassie what she is looking for in a partner. And will Tony’s “Catastrofee” t-shirt finally take off?

  • Young Once - Season 2 - Episode 5 - The WOW Factor

    Tony’s job search brings him to the Randolph home. Caelan is forced to rehash his feelings for Cassie, and who will show up to Tony and Caelan’s Lil’ Ballers basketball camp?

  • Young Once - Season 2 - Episode 6 - Moving On...

    In the season 2 finale, can Caelan take an important step to bring closure to his relationship with Cassie? Will Tony need to move back to Alaska and put his engagement hopes on hold?

  • Young Once - Season 2 Trailer/Teaser