Today's Teens Conference 2022

Today's Teens Conference 2022

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Today's Teens Conference 2022
  • TTC2022 Breakout - Joey Molloy

    At the heart of youth ministry is coming alongside students and investing in their lives relationally. In this workshop we will examine several key components that make up a relationally responsible youth worker.

    Joey B. Molloy is a life long pursuer of youth ministry excellence with...

  • TTC2022 Handout - Joey Molloy

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  • TTC2022 - Breakout | Alicia Boothe

    There is one thing all youth & families have in common - they all experience hard and challenging times. In this session, you will hear powerful testimonies, gain insights and be reminded of some valuable tools and perspectives to support youth and their families, through what is often some of th...

  • TTC2022 Handout - Alicia Booth

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  • TTC2022 - Breakout | Brent Sellers

    Whether you're just starting a youth ministry, inheriting one that needs some work, or it's simply a season for change--there's many reasons to rebuild a youth ministry. This session will explore the discernment of vision and mission, distinguishing between realized and aspirational values, askin...

  • TTC2022 Handout - Brent Sellers

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  • TTC2022 Breakout - Marianne Deeks

    We are in the midst of a mental health epidemic with many youth struggling with anxiety, depression, suicidal ideations and self-harm; particularly in light of covid. How do we as youth workers, parents and caregivers provide the support they need? This seminar is created to provide information o...

  • TTC2022 Breakout - Kevin White

    n this break out group we'll look at how to build a student leadership team whether you have a youth group of of 10, 100 or 1000.

    Kevin is your friendly neighborhood youth pastor at Cornerstone Christian Community Church in Markham where he's been pastoring for the last 14 years. He'...

  • TTC2022 Handout - Kevin White

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  • TTC2022 Handout - Matt Wilks

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  • TTC2022 Breakout - Tim Teakle

    Gen Z doesn’t care about face value. When it comes to faith—or life in general—they’re looking for authenticity and meaning. This generation of truth-seekers and activists has the desire to find belonging and make an impact.

    How are we helping teens inside and outside the church to discover abun...

  • TTC2022 Handout - Tim Teakle

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  • TTC2022 - Breakout | Monica Kay

    Have you ever contemplated how God can use each one of us to make in impact for His Kingdom? It is amazing! Join us for some equipping, motivation and encouragement to consider how we can use our gifts, and even our weaknesses to make a Kingdom impact.

    Monica Kay is passionate about i...

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  • A conversation with STEVE CARLETON | Today's Teens Conference 2022

    Building into youth to be a people of reconciliation.

  • A conversation with SID KOOP | Today's Teens Conference 2022

    Bringing Hope When Ministering to Youth Today Seems Lost.

  • A conversation with KAARINA HSIEH | Today's Teens Conference 2022

    Developing Resiliency in Youth and their Faith Journey.