Set Free with Andrew Hodgson

Set Free with Andrew Hodgson

Hello! My name is Andrew Hodgson and I believe you and I were born for intimacy with a good God whose name is Jesus. I believe that through Jesus we are made wildly free and that now we get to partner with Him to see His kingdom, Heaven, invade every place and space we go.
So, if you’re like me and you’re hungry for more of God and you're passionate about seeing His kingdom invade earth then this is probably a good place for you to be.
Hope to see you around!

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Set Free with Andrew Hodgson
  • 01 | The Most Audacious Request In The Bible?

    In Matthew 14 we find Jesus walking on the water in the middle of a storm while the 12 disciples are freaking out in a boat.

    Of the 12 in the boat only one of them has the courage (or audacity) to say to Jesus, “Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you, walking on the water.”

    In this ...

  • 02 | 4 Marks of Childlike Faith

    Childlike faith? What does that even mean? In this video I explain what childlike faith is, why we’re called to have it and 4 marks of a childlike follower of Jesus.

    What does Jesus have to say about childlike faith? If we’re called to have childlike faith how do we know if we have it?

  • 03 | 31 Things I Learned By 31

    A few days ago I turned 31. It got me a little nostalgic as I looked back over the first 30 years of my life and it got me thinking about all the things I’ve learned. Some of those things have been incredibly valuable. The other things well ...not so much.

    So I decided to put together a list of ...

  • 04 | Why Millennials Are Awesome Part 1

    Millennials, we've heard all the reasons why we suck: we’re lazy, entitled, tech obsessed, and narcissistic. But we do have one quality that is wildly powerful. So powerful in fact that I believe every generation can and will benefit from it.

    In this video I flip the “millennials are narcissists...

  • 05 | Why Millennials Are Awesome Part 2

    Millennials have a deep desire to change the world but what does that actually mean? What does it look like to be a world changer? In this video I take a look at one of the core desires of millennials from a biblical perspective and talk about what it means to change the world as a follower of Je...

  • 06 | Why Is Getting Alone With Jesus Vital?

    Is getting alone with Jesus that important? Why should I take time out of my day to get alone with God? Well, for starters, it’s way better than you think. And it shouldn’t be something we do out of obligation but out of a deep love for Jesus.

    In this episode we’re talking about getting alone w...

  • 07 | Jesus Turning Water Into Wine

    In the gospel of John the first miracle that Jesus performs is turning water into wine. But why? Of all the miracles why do that one first? Does it have some significance for us as followers of Jesus?

    In this video we take a look at Jesus turning water into wine and find just how significant it ...

  • 08 | Does God Call Us Sinners?

    If you’re a follower of Jesus are you still a sinner? This question is critically important because we want to agree with what God says about us.

    In this video I’m going to answer that question and we’re going to explore what God is really calling us!

  • 09 | 10 Lessons From 10 Years Of Marriage

    My wife, Laura, and I have been married for 10 years. In that time we’ve learned lots about each other, parenting and what it takes not just to make a marriage work but what it looks like to chase after God as husband and wife.

    Here are 10 lessons we’ve learned in the first 10 years of our marri...

  • 10 | Christian Conflict

    We’ve all been part of disagreements, seen Christians arguing online and maybe even hurt or burned by someone who didn’t agree with us. So how do we disagree in the family of God? Is it possible to disagree and remain connected as Christians?

    In this video I give a personal example of how disagr...

  • 11 | Faith & Testimonies

    As followers of Jesus we’re called to be a people of great faith. King David strengthened himself in the Lord and so did Abraham but how? How do we grow, increase, and strengthen our faith?

    Well in this episode we’re talking about one way in which we can grow our faith!

  • 12 | Sin Focused or Jesus Focused

    How do we get free from sin and those things that seem to chain us up in our lives? Do we continue to try really hard, hoping that next time is the time when we’ll come out victorious or do we try something else?

    Romans 8:5 says, “Those who are dominated by their sinful nature think about sinful...

  • 13 | Millennials & Gen Z Ready For Revival

    There are definitely some bad reviews concerning Millennials & Gen Z, especially as it relates to faith. But I’d like to suggest that they are perfectly positioned not just for a short term seasonal revival but long term sustained revival.

    In this video we’re looking at 6 reasons why Millennials...

  • 15 | Millennials & Evangelism

    Some recent statistics released from Barna shed some light on how Millennials feel towards evangelism and the results are concerning. But this might just be the push we need to re-think a few things.

  • 16 | Less Of Me And More Of You

    If you’ve hung around the church for any length of time you’ve probably heard someone, maybe even yourself, pray something like this, “Less of me and more of you, God.”

    But is that even a biblical prayer?

    Does Jesus model that prayer to us?

    In this video we take a look at that famous prayer an...

  • 17 | More Of God

    Okay, if I’m already a Christian, don’t I already have access to all of God? Or is it possible that there is more of God to discover and explore? Is it possible that there is more of Him for me?

    In this video we look at an example from Moses in Exodus, the disciples in Luke and revival leaders f...

  • 18 | What If I Get It Wrong

    Have you ever wanted to tell someone about Jesus but you’re too nervous about blowing it? Scared that you might mess something up and look ridiculous? Well in this video I share the first time I asked a co-worker if I could pray for them.

    Let’s just say it didn’t go the way I had hoped.

  • 19 | Testimonies As Spiritual Warfare

    Is there a connection between testimonies (stories of God showing up) and spiritual warfare? There are lots of places in the bible instructing us to keep and to share testimonies, even passing them on to the next generation.

    But is there another point to testimonies apart from encouraging oursel...