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SEE HEAR LOVE is a Christian women's web show and online destination. A show for EVERY woman! A place where you are seen, heard and deeply loved by God!

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See Hear Love
  • See Hear Love - S6 Ep 201 - Preparing & Expecting for the Coming Birth of Christ

    Episode 1

  • See Hear Love - S6 - Episode 200 - Men Speak Out on Mental Health

    Episode 2

    1 in 6 men will experience anxiety in their lifetime but are reluctant to talk about it.

    Join host Melinda as she asks experts, Dr. Merry (Psychologist & Podcaster) and Dr. Gregg Jantz (Founder, The Center – A Place of Hope) why men struggle with anxiety and depression, why shame and fear are at...

  • See Hear Love - S6 - Episode 131 - Adaptability: Being Open to God's Plan

    Episode 3

    2020 has been full of the unexpected – and many of us have had to face unique and difficult challenges, forcing us to pivot in big ways. Join host Melinda as she discusses the importance of adaptability with her special guests, Dr. Merry Lin (Psychologist, author and podcaster), Peter Lublink (Ex...

  • See Hear Love - S6 Episode 130 - Open Mic with Young Women

    Episode 4

    Sit down with Host Melinda as she gives four young, women leaders the floor. In this open mic, panel discussion-style episode, we’ll hear from Meisha Watson (Creator of Hey Meisha!), Crystal Lavallee (Executive Producer & Director) Christina Laurice (YES TV Host) and Camille Aguila (Marketing Man...

  • See Hear Love - S6 Episode 129 - Epidemic of Loneliness

    Episode 5

    Join Host Melinda as she listens to special guests April Hernandez (Actor, Author of Embracing Me) and Carla Arges (Living with Bi-Polar & Mental Health Advocate) as they discuss their loneliness in post-partum depression and in their mental health struggles. Melinda also hears from Experts Dr. M...

  • See Hear Love - S6 Episode 128 - Leading Well

    Episode 6

  • See Hear Love - S6 Episode 126 - Living a Life of Gratitude and Contentment

    Episode 7

  • See Hear Love - S6 Episode 125 - Let's Hear it for The Girls

    Episode 8

    Join Host Melinda and See Hear Love today as we celebrate International Day of the Girl .. we hear the honest struggles that girls are facing around the world, Melinda interviews an expert panel on how WE can empower girls and ensure that their basic human needs/rights are met .. and Melinda head...

  • See Hear Love - S6 - Episode 124

    Episode 9

    It’s our first show for SEASON 6 and we’re BURSTING with excitement!

    This season is all about Listening, Learning and Amplifying voices that need to be heard. In this show Host Melinda speaks with our *new* MONTHLY SEGMENT CONTRIBUTORS; Jo Saxton, Addison Bevere, Frances Kim, Angie Peters, Chery...