Watch this video and more on Castle

Watch this video and more on Castle

Build It Forward - Nicole


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  • Build It Forward - Bakyt and Jibek

    New to Canada, Bakyt and Jibek made the decision to leave the political uncertainty of Krgystan to raise their children in a progressive and stable country. Bakyt now finds himself working two jobs to pay their rent and Jibek, alone with her sons, feels the absence of her friends and family ever...

  • Build It Forward - Abu and Inna

    Equal opportunities, human rights and social justice were reasons that Inna and Abu left Kazakhstan for Canada three years ago. Having spent all their savings to immigrate, they have found a welcoming family at their church but still struggle to pay the rent on Abu's limited income. Family member...

  • Build It Forward - John and Kim

    Shortly after losing her home to an arsonist, Nicole found herself a single mother with two young daughters to care for. The stress of the incident ended her marriage and Marley's special health needs requires Nicole to provide 24 hour care on a part time salary. Family members: Nicole, Brady an...