17 Episodes

Owlegories is an animated series that follows a group of student owls as they travel on adventures learning about nature, faith, and God. Each lesson focuses on an element of nature that helps teach children about the nature of God and the truths found in His Word.

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  • Owlegories - The Sun

    Episode 1

    On the first day of class, the students are sent to the desert to find the Illuminator 3000 and learn about how God is like the sun.

  • Owlegories - The Seed

    Episode 2

    The kids make their way to Yellingstone National Park where they are given clues to discover three elements a seed needs in order to grow and three ways they can grow in their faith.

  • Owlegories - The Water

    Episode 3

    Given the task to find the Fountain of Life, the students must work together to find the right path and ultimately learn the three ways God is like water.

  • Owlegories - The Ant

    Episode 4

    The kids must work together to accomplish their mission and learn three ways followers of Christ should be like the ant.

  • Owlegories - The Fruit

    Episode 5

    The Professor sends the kids to an apple orchard as a special assignment to find out about the Fruit of the Spirit.

  • Owlegories - The Butterfly

    Episode 6

    The kids must overcome their fear of bugs as they learn about metamorphosis and the three ways a follower of Christ is like a caterpillar.

  • Owlegories - The Fire

    Episode 7

    The Professor sends the owls to an ancient refinery to learn about pure gold and discover three ways God is like fire.

  • Owlegories - The Duck

    Episode 8

    The class travels to the swampland to meet Professor Owlester's old college roommate, Duck Dynasty's Si Robertson. They learn the importance of working together and discover three great gifts given to us all by God.

  • Owlegories - The Seasons

    Episode 9

    Our young explorers go on a high-tech adventure through a souped-up seasonal simulator where they learn three things followers of Christ can learn from the seasons.

  • Owlegories - The Gift

    Episode 1

    The class throws a “Happy Birthday Jesus” party when an unexpected visitor shows up! The kids learn about the true meaning of Christmas and three things followers of Christ can learn from a gift.

  • Owlegories - The Star

    Episode 2

    The class performs the nativity in their annual Christmas play! Everything is going great until Twitch disappears. The class must hurry and find him before the show begins! Along the way, the kids learn about the birth of Jesus and three great lessons from stars.

  • Owlegories - The Lion

    Episode 12

    The class must return a lion cub to its family on the plains of Africa and learn three things followers of Christ can learn from the lion.

  • Owlegories - The Lamb

    Episode 13

    The owls can hardly contain their excitement as they help Mr. Shepherd with the annual toy drive and learn three things from the lamb.

  • Owlegories - The Bread

    Episode 14

    The students are sent to a bakery and must work together to make food for the needy and learn three ways God is like bread.

  • Owlegories - The Wind

    Episode 15

    The kids must navigate to the giant windmill on the Owlutians Islands. They must overcome strong winds and stormy weather to reach their destination and find out the three ways God is like the wind.

  • Owlegories - The Moon

    Episode 16

    Something strange is going on in the classroom as the class learns three ways followers of Christ are like the moon.

  • Owlegories - The Rainbow

    Episode 17

    The class becomes super heroes as they are given a mission to save the world. Along the way they learn three things from the rainbow.