Micah's Super Vlog

Micah's Super Vlog

21 Episodes

Micah’s Super Vlog is an animated Christian comedy about a boy named Micah, who learns (sometimes the hard way!) how to be a better follower of Jesus. Using his video log (vlog for short) he shares his thoughts on his friends, teachers, and scriptures.

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Micah's Super Vlog

    Episode 1

    When Micah finds himself cast as the 'star' of Mrs. Petunia’s upcoming school play his popularity is at an all time high! But as events unfold he learns the hard way that pride comes before a fall.


    Episode 2

    Micah can’t help but feel jealous when Hanz shows off his new robot, taunting Micah and his friends in the process. But instead of shrugging it off, Micah decides to take matters into his own hands after getting a robot from the science teacher.

  • Fruit of the Spirit | LOVE

    Episode 3

    Hear what New Leaf Elementary’s teachers have to say about love. Is it a chemical imbalance in the body? A warm feeling? Or is it the appreciation of the simpler things in life, like sharp pencils?

  • Fruit of the Spirit | JOY

    Episode 4

    After a failed attempt by Micah to give Armin joy through the Joy Hat 4000, Lydia explains where we can find a true joy that can last forever.

  • Fruit of the Spirit | PEACE

    Episode 5

    Micah attempts to explain the concept of peace to Gabe, with results that are anything but peaceful!

  • Fruit of the Spirit | PATIENCE

    Episode 6

    Micah tests Lydia’s patience when Micah gets in the way of her pursuit for higher learning.

  • Fruit of the Spirit | KINDNESS

    Episode 7

    Micah shows kindness to Gabe on Track and Field Day.

  • Fruit of the Spirit | GOODNESS

    Episode 8

    Armin faces a moral dilemma when he encounters a talking action figure.

  • Fruit of the Spirit | FAITHFULNESS

    Episode 9

    Armin, Lydia, and Micah choose to be faithful when their friendship is put to the test.

  • Fruit of the Spirit | GENTLENESS

    Episode 10

    Armin needs to be gentle when commenting on Gabe’s terrible art.

  • Fruit of the Spirit | SELF-CONTROL

    Episode 11

    PB & J host the Self-Control game where each contestant has to show self-control if they want to win big!

  • Armor Of God | BELT OF TRUTH

    Episode 12

    Micah suits up with the Belt off the Truth when faced with the lie that he has no worth.


    Episode 13

    Micah must do whats right when pressured to spray paint a wall.

  • Armor Of God | BOOTS OF PEACE

    Episode 14

    Micah lost his backpack, textbook, lunch, and has to be in a school play. He suits up to find peace in the stressful situation.

  • Armor Of God | SHIELD OF FAITH

    Episode 15

    When tempted to cheat on the test, Micah must do the right thing and study.


    Episode 16

    Micah must resist giving up when discouraging voices of his classmates are all around him.

  • Armor Of God | SWORD OF THE SPIRIT

    Episode 17

    In a confrontation with Hanz, who’s been trying to spoil micahs whole day, Micah learns to forgive him when remembering a bible verse about loving your enemies.

  • Armor Of God | MUSIC VIDEO

    Episode 18

    Music video which roll calls each piece of the Armor Of God!

  • Nebby Rap | MUSIC VIDEO

    Episode 19

    Micah and the gang go MUSICAL! Sing along as the Micah’s Super Vlog crew rap about pride through the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and their run-in with a distinctly Chet-like king Nebuchadnezzar!

  • Dennis Raps About Sandwiches | MUSIC VIDEO

    Episode 20

    Dennis the janitor raps about sandwiches.

  • The Prayer Song | MUSIC VIDEO

    Episode 21

    Gabe learns through song that we can talk to God about anything!