6 Episodes

Professional athletes have some of the greatest platforms in the world to share their triumphs and trials. So how do athletes of faith walk humbly and faithfully with the Lord through intense scrutiny, Olympic-level pressure and impending fame? A 2013 study by the Barna group shows that athletes often have more influence than faith leaders. From the field to the court to the icehouse, we follow the raw, personal stories of 6 Canadian athlete of Christian faith.

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  • Endurance - Khamica Bingham

    Episode 1

    Canadian Olympic team sprinter tragically loses a friend in a freak accident. Her story of struggle and striving after her world comes crashing down.

  • Endurance - James Franklin

    Episode 2

    Quarterback from the Toronto Argonauts shares how he struggled after his NFL dreams were dashed and public pressure intensified. But in those dark days, God helped redefine his dreams.

  • Endurance - Melissa Lotholz

    Episode 3

    Canadian Olympic bobsleigh competitor heads off to the Pyeongchang Olympics, expecting to medal. What happens when God re-routes your plans and leaves you empty handed?

  • Endurance - Mike Carnegie

    Episode 4

    What happens when God calls a professional lacrosse player to invest far beyond the field? Mike Carnegie shares how his family has used sport to impact strangers on the other side of the globe.

  • Endurance - Howe Twins

    Episode 5

    Canada's next up and coming volleyball stars also happen to be twins. The special faith bond that goes beyond birth.

  • Endurance - Gabi Short

    Episode 6

    A young soccer player steps onto a university field, not knowing it would change her life. How her new faith and concept of family is challenged when her mother battles endometrial cancer.