Beautiful Unique Girl

Beautiful Unique Girl

10 Episodes

The Beautiful Unique Girl TV program is aimed at women 15 to 17 but is applicable to women of any age. Each episode is hosted by Heather Boersma and focuses on issues that young women are facing. These issues are presented from a faith filled perspective through women telling their stories, sharing their music, art, slam poetry, or dance combined with a spiritual challenge from Heather Boersma based on different portions of Biblical Scripture.
Beautiful Unique Girl ministry is based on Psalm 139 and is a ministry of Square One World Media Inc.

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Beautiful Unique Girl
  • Beautiful Unique Girl - Bullying

    Episode 1

    Host Heather Boersma offers teaching on the topic of bullying out of her own personal experience.Nikki, Sangeetha and Chelsea share their stories of being bullied and how they came to accept the healing truth of the way God sees them. In a courageous interview, Bethany speaks of her regret of hav...

  • Beautiful Unique Girl - Identity

    Episode 2

    In a beauty-obsessed and beauty-confused world, host Heather Boersma explains that women cannot do anything to add or detract from God's image inside ofthem which makes them shine and makes them beautiful. The Identity episode includes interviews with Raelynn (a model who challenges society's sta...

  • Beautiful Unique Girl - Gossip / Friendship

    Episode 3

    The Bible says that the tongue has the power of life and death; that the spoken word can either lift up or destroy another person. Host Heather Boersma uses Jesus as an example of a true friend who offers unconditional acceptance, and she encourages girls to invest the time to develop deep and la...

  • Beautiful Unique Girl - Dating

    Episode 4

    Host Heather Boersma reminds girls that they deserve to be treated with respect in a dating relationship. Joe and Samantha talk about the importance of relaxing and getting to know the other person. Kristy and Lorrie each dated to cover feelings of loneliness and insecurity, but eventually discov...

  • Beautiful Unique Girl - Intimacy

    Episode 5

    The world often says, "Do what feels good..." The church often says, "Don't do it at all..." Host Heather Boersma presents a more balanced approach to intimate relationships. In a moving poetry performance, Shamin shares that trueintimacy is not just a physical act but the process of being fully ...

  • Beautiful Unique Girl - Stories Part 1

    Episode 6

    Four women share their personal stories of coming to know Jesus. Shamin shares how God uses everything in her past - including the abuse, prostitution and drug addiction - to maker her powerful in ministry today. Bethany confronts her past of bullying others in order to move forward in her relati...

  • Beautiful Unique Girl - Stories Part II

    Episode 7

    Three women share their personal faith journeys. Tasha was 15 when she believed only suicide could right the balance for the wrong things she had done ... until she let God's truth replace the lies. Tannis, only 13 years old, was eager to be baptized and live for Jesus ... until she realized foll...

  • Beautiful Unique Girl - Divorce and Forgiveness

    Episode 8

    Host Heather Boersma addresses this episode's dual themes. Regarding family breakup; to know that God will redeem the hard things we're experiencing today. Regarding forgiveness; to know that Jesus replaces the weight of our guilt with an invitation to adventure. Sangeetha experienced depression ...

  • Beautiful Unique Girl - Depression

    Episode 9

    Host Heather Boersma encourages girls who have depression not to be ashamed of it,or to be defined by it. Rather they are defined by God who says they are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. Talia experienced the intense pain of depression from the time she was a child an describes it as...

  • Beautiful Unique Girl - Express Yourself

    Episode 10

    Host Heather Boersma explains that God gives each of us talents and abilities, not so we can benefit personally but so we can faithfully use them for God's glory. Cyndi invites God to use the art that was always a part of her to impact people in ways only God can do. Samantha wants to know she is...