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The Big Booga Bank

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  • The Big Booga Bank

    After starting Big Booga Bank, Marty becomes Chief of Security and Gerard becomes a teller. When they give a customer named Beau a big loan and he isn’t able to repay it, they forgive him and let him go. However, when Beau’s friend borrows money from him and isn’t able to pay him back, Beau doesn...

  • The Duet Brothers

    Marty and Gerard decide to become electricians and open up their own business making bug-zappers. After many interviews, they hire the Duet Brothers but one of them complains about the work and says he will go on strike while the other says he will get the work done later...However the results ar...

  • 3P2C

    Marty and Gerard invent the 3P2C, a pocket-sized, personalized vacuum cleaner. When they leave town for the day the guys hire Stan, Rufus, and Slow to sell the hit product to all of Booga. While Stan and Rufus do a great job, Slow learns that slacking off doesn't pay.