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The Duet Brothers


Up Next in Season 1

  • 3P2C

    Marty and Gerard invent the 3P2C, a pocket-sized, personalized vacuum cleaner. When they leave town for the day the guys hire Stan, Rufus, and Slow to sell the hit product to all of Booga. While Stan and Rufus do a great job, Slow learns that slacking off doesn't pay.

  • The Booganut Tree

    Marty and Gerard decide to become forest rangers. When the guys hear that President Bob is offering 100 bambolies for anyone who finds the legendary Booganut tree they set out on a search. Mr. Guudsaw is detemined to find the tree first and sell it for personal gain and it’s up to Marty and Gerar...

  • A Booga Booga Christmas

    The Christmas season has arrived and Marty and Gerard are going into show business. When an accident sends Mr. Guudsaw to the hospital, it's up to the guys to outdo the cow brothers by coming up with the best Nativity play Booga has ever seen!