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Slam Moves to Booga

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The Boofabobs Face Extinction


Up Next in Season 1

  • Slam Moves to Booga

    After Marty and Gerard start a successful delivery service, Polly asks them to pick up a shipment of coconuts from the beach. The guys take the coconuts home for the night... and soon find a desperate Slam at their door asking for food. Can Marty and Gerard find a way to help out both Slam and Po...

  • Conquering Mount Neverbin Climbed

    Marty and Gerard decide to become mountain climbers. Stan and Rufus ask the two friends to sponsor them for President Bob's charity climb of Mount Neverbin Climbed, the tallest mountain in all of Booga. It's a mad dash to the top as everyone races to win.

  • The Amazing Gaboochi

    After becoming inventors, Marty and Gerard create the Mag-No-Mop, a mess cleaner that's instantly a big hit. Unfortunately Mr. Guudsaw and the people of Booga show up asking for refunds because the product doesn't work properly. A bambolie-less Marty and Gerard get to work on their next big inven...