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No Light in This Lighthouse

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Marty's Sandcastle


Up Next in Season 1

  • No Light in This Lighthouse

    Marty gets a bright idea to build a lighthouse for ships coming to Booga. When he finishes building it too quickly and misses a few important details, he quickly learns how important it is to let his light shine bright.

  • The Booga Bolter

    Marty and Gerard volunteer to help Squid Sushi, the owner of a restaurant that lost a shipment of 100 sardine cans at sea. After finding 99 of the cans, Gerard and Marty are very tired... but Squid Sushi won't let them go home until they find the last precious can.

  • Squid Sushi Loses His Marbles

    Marty and Gerard collect oysters for Squid Sushi's restaurant. In the process, they discover that every oyster has a beautiful marble inside! When Gerard finds a very big marble, Squid Sushi is willing to give him everything he has for it.