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Clothes By Marty

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Building Surfboards The Slow Way


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  • Clothes By Marty

    After creating a mildly successful invention, Marty and Gerard decide to become tailors and set up their own shop. Stan stops in and asks the guys to fix up a fancy suit for the president to wear to his upcoming speech. When Marty and Gerard rush to finish their work in time for the event, things...

  • The Boojee Noojee

    Marty and Gerard find themselves stranded on a desert island after falling off Mr. Guudsaw's whale watching tour boat. Thanks to a blurry photograph, the guys are mistaken for a mythical sea monster known as the Boojee Noojee. Instead of rescuing Gerard and Marty, Guudsaw plans a get-rich-quick s...

  • Cows in the Court

    Marty and Gerard decide to become supreme court justices! After finishing school, they take on their first legal case. Someone has been supplying inferior soccer ball leather to the Booga soccer league. Is it the loud-spoken Mr. Waizright or the quiet, stuttering Mr. Morse?