A Better Us From Home

A Better Us From Home

Ron & Ann Mainse from "A Better Us" spend their COVID-19 quarantine time video chatting with the "Kitchen Couples" as well as familiar experts about what you can do so that your marriage can withstand any pandemic.

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A Better Us From Home
  • A Better Us | From Home 01

    Wed Mar 25th 4:00pm - Ron & Ann are sharing a health update on Ann’s healing journey, and then they will link up with psychologist Dr. Mike Ronsisvalle in Florida, as well as Dan & Danielle Macaulay in Buffalo, NY, to talk about how to cope as a family during our Covid-19 home isolation!

  • A Better Us | From Home 02

    Saturday March 28th 4:00pm - Ron & Ann are joined here by Dave & Ashley Willis from the ministry of Marriage Today. Also with them is one of our “Kitchen Couples,” Eric & Kara Mainse. They are talking about the challenges in the home during the Covid-19 crisis and how you can download a FREE copy...

  • A Better Us | From Home 03

    Join Ron & Ann for another special Facebook Live edition of A Better Us, along with CFL football Hall-of-Famer Mike “Pinball” Clemons and his wife Diane. They will be joined by Bill & Pam Farrel, authors of "Men are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti", who will share 4 vital points for couple...

  • A Better Us | From Home 04

    ALL FOUR of our A Better Us "Kitchen Couples" are chatting online together (for the first time!) this afternoon at 3:00pm. We're going to talk about the challenges of doing "marriage in quarantine" as well as some tips to help us ALL get through this together from "The Marriage Survival Guide" ma...

  • A Better Us | From Home 05

    Ron and Ann host a chat with "Kitchen Couples" Dan and Danielle Macaulay, and with Dr. Grant Mullen and his wife Kathy. Together they'll be talking about protecting and preserving our mental health during the stresses of this social distancing and quarantine time we're all living in!

  • A Better Us | From Home 06

    Best-selling relationship authors Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott join Ron & Ann Mainse to share some gold-nugget advice for couples who might be finding it tough to keep peace in the home. Also joining the conversation are A Better Us regulars, Dan & Danielle Macaulay

  • A Better Us | From Home 07

    Best-selling author of The 5 Love Languages, Dr. Gary Chapman, joins Ron & Ann Mainse on another A Better Us “Home Isolation Edition!”
    Especially now, during this stressful time of quarantine, Dr. Chapman challenges us to speak our spouse's love language! Also joining the conversation are A Bette...

  • A Better Us | From Home 08

    Join the conversation as Neil & Sharol Josephson, Directors of Family Life Canada, Zoom with Ron & Ann Mainse for another special “Home Isolation" edition of A Better Us. Also in the conversation is one of regular our ‘kitchen couples,” Eric & Kara Mainse. Neil and Sharol highlight their “Conver...