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100 Huntley Street

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100 Huntley Street is Canada's longest running daily television show and the sixth longest running daily television show in the world. Authentic and interactive, 100 Huntley Street brings you the amazing stories of people – whether they be world, leaders, celebrities, sports figures, or everyday people – who have had life-changing encounters with God.

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100 Huntley Street
  • 100 Huntley Street - January 24, 2020

    Episode 1

    Anne Cattaruzza studied acting in Paris & Montreal and made herself known as an actress to the Quebec audience on national television while playing in the series “Virginie”. Anne is also a Word Guild Award-winning author for the French version of her novel, “Searching for Sheida”. Recently An...

  • 100 Huntley Street - January 23, 2020

    Episode 2

    Bruxy Cavey is the senior pastor at The Meeting House, a church for people who aren’t into church. The Meeting House is a multisite Anabaptist congregation in Ontario, Canada where thousands of people connect to God and each other through Sunday services, online interaction, and a widespread hous...

  • 100 Huntley Street - January 22, 2020

    Episode 3

    Jeff Watson
    Senior Executive Producer, 100 Huntley Street

    Beena Ruparelia
    Beena saw her first vision of Jesus when she was 18 years old at her aunt’s house in England. She gave her heart to the Lord and did the sinners prayer with the Pastor on TV at the age of 29 years old and had water baptism...

  • 100 Huntley Street - January 21, 2020

    Episode 4

    Jerrad Lopes is a Christian pastor and the founder of DadTired.com, a non-profit ministry focused on equipping men to lead their family well. He hosts the weekly Dad Tired Podcast, listened to by over a million men from around the world. He and his wife Leila live in Portland, Oregon with their t...

  • 100 Huntley Street - January 20, 2020

    Episode 5

    Sangita Sharma
    Sangita grew up in a Hindu family. Her home was filled with rage from her mom and dad, with the frequent need to call the police. At the age of 13, Sangita lost her virginity by rape through someone she met through her neighbour. When her relatives found out, they mocked her public...

  • 100 Huntley Street - January 17, 2020

    Episode 6

    David Eaton
    Guest Co-Host, Mark Masri, talks with David about the latest social media craze with young people, TikTok. David Eaton cofounded Axis in 2007. Every year Axis speaks to 20,000+ students face-to-face and every week Axis' digital products equip 50,000+ pastors, parents, grandparents, an...

  • 100 Huntley Street - January 16, 2020

    Episode 7

    Raymond Mowla
    After thirty long years of searching for the truth about God, Raymond Mowla, a former Muslim, was confronted with a supernatural experience with the Holy Spirit in November of 2012 that left him completely undone and willing to embrace God in the face of Jesus Christ. Learning to na...

  • 100 Huntley Street - January 15, 2020

    Episode 8

    Jonathan Lewis
    Jonathan Lewis is the author of Deep Water a book on facing the giant of fatherlessness for men. He is the dedicated husband to Sara Lewis and father of two beautiful daughters. Jonathan lives in Hebbville, NS. Faith, family, community, philanthropy and last but not least, entrepre...

  • 100 Huntley Street - January 14, 2020

    Episode 9

    Danielle Macaulay
    Danielle Macaulay is an author, blogger, speaker and television personality on the marriage television show “A Better Us” (abetterus.tv). She is passionate about her marriage to her husband, recording artist Dan Macaulay (danmacaulay.com), her two young boys, Keaton and Braden, ...

  • 100 Huntley Street - January 13, 2020

    Episode 10

    Kay Warren
    Kay Warren, co-founder of Saddleback Church with her husband, Rick, is an international speaker, best-selling author, and Bible teacher who has a passion for inspiring and motivating others to make a difference with their lives. When her youngest son, Matthew, took his life in April 20...

  • 100 Huntley Street - January 10, 2020

    Episode 11

    Zach Williams
    Husband, father, singer, songwriter, worship leader, and Grammy Award winning (Best Contemporary Christian Album, Chain Breaker) and GMA Dove Award winner (2017 New Artist of the Year and 2018 Artist of the Year) recording artist Zach Williams has made music history with two consecu...

  • 100 Huntley Street - January 09, 2020

    Episode 12

    Paul Moses
    Born in Moose Factory, Ontario, Paul was quickly given up to his grandparents. His struggles with abandonment, rejection and fatherlessness lead him towards drugs and alcohol. At the intersection of coming to salvation in Christ and still struggling with his internal pain, Paul made a ...

  • 100 Huntley Street - January 08, 2020

    Episode 13

    Morgan Tyree
    Morgan is a professional organizer (chaos calmer), writer (list lover), and fitness instructor (exercise enthusiast) who believes in prioritizing and measuring progress one day at a time, while also “keeping it simple. Morgan’s mission is to inspire intentionality. Morgan shares tips...

  • 100 Huntley Street - January 07, 2019

    Episode 14

    Morgan Tyree
    Morgan is a professional organizer (chaos calmer), writer (list lover), and fitness instructor (exercise enthusiast) who believes in prioritizing and measuring progress one day at a time, while also “keeping it simple. Morgan’s mission is to inspire intentionality. Morgan shares tips...

  • 100 Huntley Street - January 06, 2020

    Episode 15

    Ebony Small
    Pastor Ebony is Vice President of Multiplication at PULSE Movement, a prayer and evangelism movement on mission to empower the Church and awaken culture to the reality of Jesus. Pastor Ebony is a dynamic woman of faith, impassioned by her strong conviction in Christ alone. Born in New...

  • 100 Huntley Street - January 03, 2020

    Episode 16

    Randy and Mary Travis
    With lifetime sales in excess of 25 million, Randy Travis is one of the biggest multi-genre record sellers of all time and a recent inductee into the Country Music Hall of Fame class of 2016. His honors include seven Grammy Awards, 11 Academy of Country Music statuettes, 10 ...

  • 100 Huntley Street - January 02, 2020

    Episode 17

    Pat and Tammy McLeod
    Life hit Pat and Tammy McLeod hard when their son Zach collapsed on a high school football field; he had sustained a severe brain injury. Facing the devastating possibility that things would never be the same for their beloved son, they committed to staying strong as a family...

  • 100 Huntley Street - January 01, 2020

    Episode 18

    Sohayla Courtin
    Women's Panel Contributor - Topic: Identity. Sohayla was born Tehran, Iran in 1982 during the war between Iran and Iraq. Sohayla’s family arrived in Canada in 1988. At 9 years of age Sohayla was sexually abused and was terrified to tell her family. She tried many times to commit s...